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14 Club craft night, decorated boxes - 18 May 2009

A report by club helper, Helen Harwood

On Monday 18th June (2009) 14 Club had a craft night where members decorated boxes with greetings cards. I told the members when we started that if they wished to have their boxes photographed for the website, they could. I was delighted to find that members worked really hard and many wished to have their boxes photographed for the website.

Many members followed a theme such as animals, dancing or flowers.

The cards were old Phoenix greetings cards and we managed to find all the things members were looking for, cats, dogs, a kangaroo!

At the end of the evening, after many industrious members had worked very hard, I tried to 'judge' which members had produced the best boxes! I couldn't do it! They were all so good. So here are my comments for members who worked so hard on their crafts, I hope every member who did craft is mentioned. Some other members enjoyed coffee and tea, chats and played pool.

Craft was done brilliantly by:

  • Mandy: Good dancing theme
  • Lavinia: Good job of cutting up
  • Elva: Use of cards inside the box
  • Molly: Clever positioning of cards
  • Andrew R: Good layout of flower cards
  • Brian H: Good positioning of cards
  • Sarah W: Good use of cards over the edge of the box
  • Stephen: Interesting choice of cards
  • Penny: Cards well stuck on
  • Kevin: Well positioned
  • Chris: Interestingly sourced pictures
  • Kira: Good theme with lots of variety
  • Sarah F: Sarah was keen to do two boxes, she had a good build up of pictures
  • Dick: Diligent worker, he had to work extra hard as he had come from swimming
  • Ian B: Good coverage
  • Keith: Really well cut out
  • John M: Hard work and co-operation with his 'support worker' who accompanied him on the evening.

Thanks go to Sabine, who took lots of photos, and to Jemma, Vera, Trishia and all who helped to do the craft.

After we had finished I asked members what they would keep in their boxes. Answers carried, things such as jewellery, postcards, pens and photos.

The photos of the boxes can be seen here.

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