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Tim Pocock (Helper and 14 Club Treasurer)

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I first attended 14 Club on 12th March 1973. I was going out with Pam, the daughter of the Clubís founder Len Greenhalgh and wanted to please her and impress him! He was also my boss at British Leyland.

I enjoy having fun at 14 Club and getting satisfaction from having organised some of that fun.

However, my role as Treasurer often means that I am needed at Club evenings to provide change, take money, pay out expenses, get signatures etc. It often interrupts what Iím trying to do with the members, and sometimes even prevents it.

The highlights have been the Hill End weekend camps, when whole groups of 14 Club members went away for the weekend with other similar Clubs in the area to a camp past the reservoir near Farmoor. Also the ĎItís a Knockoutí sports days, with the other clubs in the area.

With regard to characters, everyone is different and all members are characters in their own way.

Margaret Watson was a cantankerous old lady who had been shut up in a mental hospital until she was in her fifties for being an illegitimate baby. She was very outspoken on every subject, and wasnít the least bit shy of telling people what she thought of them (Freddie Davis at the New Theatre!).

Ken Stickley, well-known Faringdon character who wasnít shy of anyone. Regularly, each Christmas he would sell £500-£600 worth of draw tickets in Faringdon.

Audrey Clack turned being miserable into an art form, but much loved by us all for her constant "I wanna go Ďome!" and going on about her dog called Jodie! (Audrey died some time ago)

Len Greenhalsh, a great Lancashire character who was the Clubís founder and first leader. He ruled with an iron fist and was the sort of bloke you didnít say Ďnoí to! It was difficult to turn him down when he was selling raffle tickets or tickets for some of our big Civic Hall fund-raisers through his network of colleagues at the Cowley car plants and he was for many years the major contributor to our fund-raising efforts. A great man!

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