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Sabine Wood (Helper and 14 Club Secretary)

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I became involved in 14 Club because I wanted to meet new people and I was interested in volunteer work. I was already involved in another organisation, but I couldn't attend anymore, because the club was in the morning and I had a new job. A member of the morning club told me about the 14 Club, which he attended at that time so I browsed the 14 Club web side and got in contact with the Club leader. This was February 2006.

The best bit about being involved in Club is the relationship of the members towards me. Even if we had big communications problems in the beginning, they didn't give up having conversations with me. The cuddles and thanks for an organised evening made my day and will do in the future.

Over the years Iíve organised mainly craft, cooking and baking nights. I often organise the food at the Christmas parties and Christmas draws. I am a first-aider and recently became the Club's secretary.

One of the fun characters I remember from years gone is Ken Stickley, who is sadly in a care home now. He used to chase every helper to write letters to people he liked, or didn't like! It was a challenge to escape from him, because lots of letters weren't necessary. The best bit was when he got an answer from a letter he had send to the Queen. It made his day.

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